Local “Castle Garden” was named for Immigrant depot in New York City

A number of years ago a request made to the News to find the reason for naming a section of Clinton Township, “Castle Garden”, resulted in information from Paul O’Pecko, Mystic, Connecticut; Dottie Matircho Flynn, Somerville, NJ, and Tom Feddock, Dundaff.

All three provide the same info – Castle Garden was the emigrant landing depot in New York City where immigrants came before the Ellis Island facility was put in operation in 1892.

Paul O’Pecko, a former resident of Vandling, and a historian, provided us with a reprint of an 1870 book which documented the establishment of the Castle Garden landing depot at the foot of Manhattan Island. In 1855 the Commissioners of Emigration leased an old fort there, known as Castle Garden, and prepared it for receiving foreigners.

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Forest City Area Rotary Club Anthracite Coal Miner’s Memorial

by Martin Heffron

This project of the Forest City Area Rotary Club pays homage to the miners and families of the coal region while exhibiting the inherent characteristics unique to Forest City, Pennsylvania.

Our ancestors’ journeys to the coal region were economical, social, political and/or personal. For whatever reason, the fact remains, coal miners and families from diverse cultures began a hard working way of life in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They established the heritage the world acknowledges as the “coal region” and it is appropriate to commemorate their livelihood.

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